The French-SINgaporean network on renewable enERGIEs (SINERGIE) is an international research network (IRN) resulting from a CNRS – NTU joint initiative. It has been formally established in 2017.

The main objective of the network is to facilitate the French-Singaporean scientific cooperation in the field of Renewable Energies through :

  • Organization of conferences, seminars, colloquia, workshops, thematic schools… on the Network themes
  • Exchange of publications and scientific reviews on the Network themes
  • Contacts and exchanges of researchers (including researchers and academics, postdoctoral fellows and Ph.D. students)

The network gathers 27 full or associate members:

  • Singapore: NTU (ERI@N and faculties), ENGIE Lab (Industrial partner)
  • France: 25 laboratories (mostly joint CNRS laboratories) from 25 institutions

PROMES (UPR 8521), G2ELab (UMR 5269), GIPSA-Lab (UMR 5216), SIMAP (UMR 5266), LEGI (UMR 5519), GeePs (UMR 8507), AMPERE (UMR 5005), NIMBE (UMR 3685), LHEEA (UMR 6598), SPE (UMR 6134), INAC (CEA), L2S (UMR 8506), CETHIL (UMR 5008), LRCS (UMR 7314), IMN (UMR 6502), LCMCP (UMR 7574), FEMTO-ST (UMR 6174), LPICM (UMR 7647), IRDEP (UMR 7174), LOCIE (UMR 5271), LASIE (UMR 7356), LEC (EA1006), CINTRA (UMI), LAAS (UPR 8001), UCCS (UMR 8181).

The network is co-directed by Alain Dollet (CNRS, PROMES, France) and Subodh Mhaisalkar (NTU, ERI@N, Singapore).

The topics of interest are :

  1. Smart Grids and Power systems,
  2. Energy storage,
  3. Wind and Marine Energies,
  4. Photovoltaics,
  5. Green and smart buildings

Each topic is co-leaded by 1 French and 1 Singaporean researcher, and organized in several subtopics.

cnrs-image.gif SINERGIE Organization


copyright: Alain Dollet, CNRS

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