ouvrage_jb_saulnier.jpgGlobal Change, Energy Issues and Regulation Policies

2013, Springer

Jean-Bernard Saulnier, Marcelo D. Varella

This book analyses the deep interaction between the world’s environmental crises, energy production, conversion and use, and global regulation policies.

Bringing together experts from a wide range of scientific fields, including physics, geosciences, social sciences, and so on, it offers the reader a broad scope of knowledge on such topics as climate change and exhaustion of resource,the relationship between basic science and the development of sustainable energy technologies, the relationship between global and local environmental policies, the possible competition between foodstuff production and that of agro-fuels.

This book invites the reader to consider the multidisciplinary aspects of these urgent energy/environmental issues. It will be of special interest to those involved in environmental protection, energy issues and sustainable development, and international relations.

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