[bleu marine]Introduction[/bleu marine]

cnrs-image.gif Introduction – NTU Singapore
cnrs-image.gif Introduction – CNRS Paris

[bleu marine]Topics reviews[/bleu marine]

cnrs-image.gif SmartGrids and Power Systems
cnrs-image.gif Next Generation Battery Materials and systems
cnrs-image.gif Thermal Energy Storage Overview
cnrs-image.gif Wind & Marine Energies
cnrs-image.gif Wind & Marine Energy: Overview
cnrs-image.gif Photovoltaics
cnrs-image.gif Green/Smart Buildings

[bleu marine]Lectures[/bleu marine]

1 – Electromobility in SmartGrids
cnrs-image.gif Impact of EV charging on electrical grids and V2G services
cnrs-image.gif An overview of Grid Integrated Vehicles experiments
cnrs-image.gif EV charging station for smart charging and V2G services
cnrs-image.gif Autonomous Vehicles & Electro-Mobility
cnrs-image.gif Modern Power Electronics in Smart Grids
2 – Impact of Renewable Energies
cnrs-image.gif Integration of Renewable Energy Sources in DC and AC low voltage microgrids
cnrs-image.gif Impact of Renewable Energies on Power Grids & Micro grids
cnrs-image.gif Microgrid Observability
cnrs-image.gif Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid Integration and Control
cnrs-image.gif Reliability Management of Microgrids with renewal Energy sources
3 – Cyber Physical Systems
cnrs-image.gif Cyber physical Systems Modeling for SmartGrids
cnrs-image.gif Cybersecurity of 61850 networks
cnrs-image.gif Cyber Physical Systems, an advanced topological approach for multi-infrastructure analysis
cnrs-image.gif Formal Verification of Smart Grids using Timed Automata
cnrs-image.gif Worst-Case Security Analysis Enabled by Smart Grid Modeling

[bleu marine]Conclusions[/bleu marine]

cnrs-image.gif Conclusion

[bleu marine]Pictures[/bleu marine]

cnrs-image.gif Official opening
cnrs-image.gif Introduction
cnrs-image.gif Topics review
cnrs-image.gif Group pictures
cnrs-image.gif Lectures
cnrs-image.gif Visit to Myrte
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