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Prof Subodh Mhaisalkar, Prof Claude Guet and Dr Alain Dollet
Lecture 1.« Interdependencies of infrastructures in Smart Cities and advanced topological approach for the resiliency of coupled systems ‐ example of Power and ICT systems’ »
Raphael Caire, G2Elab, Grenoble INP/UGA
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Lecture 3. « Power Electronics and Applications Research »
Josep Pou, EEE
Lecture 4.« Resilient Power Grids: Learning From Other Complex Systems ».
Cheong Siew Ann, NTU
Lecture 5. « Energy and Climate Resiliency from Building to Urban Scale: Paris as a Case Study »
Martin Hendel, ESIEE, U. Paris-Est
Lecture 6. « From accurate prediction to diagnostic performance analysis of solar systems in the urban environment »
Léon Gaillard, LOCIE
Lecture 7. « Solid State Transformers for Energy Grid-2.0 »
Anshuman Tripathi, ERI@N
Lecture 8. « Resilience of secure sensor networks’ »
Jun Zhao, SCSE
Lecture 9. « Advanced energy metering in existing buildings: methods and applications »
Eyes Nefzaoui, Esycom, U. Paris-Est
Lecture 10. « Energy and waste valorization from construction and building materials »
Florian Huchet, IFSTTAR, U. Gustave Eiffel
Lecture 11. Part 1: « ‘On the path toward decentralisation: a Combined perspective from operational, technical and market design challenge »
Ranchere Anne-Soizic, ERI@N
Lecture 11. Part 2: « ‘On the path toward decentralisation: optimization approaches for power system applications »
Remy Rigo-Mariani , ERI@N
Lecture 13. « Electrochemical Capacitors for Public Transportation: an alternative to Batteries »
Olivier Crosnier, IMN, U. Nantes
Lecture 14. « Sense-City innovation lab supporting recent
advances on Monitoring of urban operations »
Monssef Drissi Habti, COSYS, IFSTTAR
Lecture 15. « Efficient Techniques for Holistic Operational
Optimisation of Urban Energy Systems »
Arvind Easwaran, SCSE
Lecture 16. « Significance of Embodied Energy for Sustainable Built Environment »
Justin Dauwels, EEE
Lecture 17. « EV fleets in sustainable cities: flexible resources for a
more resilient power grid’ »
Marc Petit, GeePS, CentraleSupelec
Lecture 18. « Power transform for solar irradiation time series and prediction intervals’ »
Cyril Voyant, SPE, U. Corte
PhD Presentations
documentation.gif ‘New Approaches for Monitoring Microplastics in Water’
documentation.gif ‘Inverse spinel oxide LiCoVO4 with unique Co2+ ions stabilized in octahedral sites exhibits spin polarized channels that promote OER performance’
Chen Ruixi
documentation.gif ‘Towards holistic real-time operation optimization of district cooling systems’
Zhonglin Chiam
documentation.gif ‘Power System Inertia Enhancement by Grid-Connected Converters’
Deng Han
documentation.gif ‘Transition metal oxides for oxygen electrocatalysis’
Duan Yan
documentation.gif ‘A tropical urban microclimate case study in Singapore – experimental and numerical results’
D E V S Kiran Kumar
documentation.gif ‘Smart Composites Large Dimensions Wind-Blade’
Venkadesh Raman
documentation.gif Closing Remarks by Prof Subodh Mhaisalkar, Prof Claude Guet and Dr Alain Dollet

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